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Prasadam Distribution in the City Centre of Leicester


Food for Life Global - from www.ffl.org


Devotees from the Hare Krishna Centre distribute regularly hot meals at Leicester University via a converted Indian bicycle rickshaw.

The rickshaw has kindly been donated by Parasurama Prabhu from the London based charity 'Food for All'. It has then been converted by the expertise of Bill and Rasamandala Prabhu. Julie has lent her artistic skills for the flags and the writing on the rickshaw.

Satwant from GMW (Leicester) LTD has kindly spray painted the rickshaw in his car body shop. We are much indebted to him.

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The rickshaw is ideally suited for mobile prasadam distribution


I will surely come every time Students are overjoyed in receiving hot, delicious Krishna prasadam. They could hardly believe that it was free. Many are asking who is sponsoring this programme.

There is an increasing number of sponsors who want to participate and help with the programme. We want to thank all of them wholeheartedly:

Parasurama Prabhu for donating the rickshaw to the Hare Krishna Centre

Bill for building and painting the box, for assembling the rickshaw as well as doing all the welding work


Satwant from GMW LTD for professionally spray painting the rickshaw

Julie for so artistically doing the writing on the box as well as making the flages

Rasamandala Prabhu for helping Bill all the way through the designing and assembly stage as well as for making the final adjustments for the rickshaw to be road worthy

Dipakbhai and Kanti from Pauls Fruit & Veg for his ongoing support in donating fruit and vegetable for the programme
It is really free ... ? Who is sponsoring that?


Everyone is full of praise for the programme  



Gary, John, Brian and Kevin from Redbridge at Leicester's wholesale market for their ongoing generous donations of fruit and vegetables

Satya mataji for preparing the prasadam and Rasamandala and Satya for distributing the prasadam at the various locations throughout Leicester

The list of donors and sponsors could go on and on. Please excuse us if we have forgotten anyone.





Students have great difficulties with their meagre grant to make ends meet. They are therefore grateful for any help they can get. Moreover, cooking is not the strength of most. Hot delicious Krishna prasadam is therefore a well appreciated and welcome opportunity for them.

Hot rice and subji as well as cakes and drinks are being served


60 plates of delicious Krishna prasadam is served in no more than 40 Minutes  



The food distributed is fully vegetarian and is therefore a wholesome and healthy diet. Moreover, the rickshaw sets an example of environmentally friendly transport as well.




It is planned to extend the Food for Life programme to other locations in the city. If you want to get involved or if you can contribute either financially or with vegetables and other food donations please get in touch with us. Financial contributions can be made via the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

Bhakta Jimmy tries out the rickshaw






The rickshaw has full address details written on its back panel so that interested parties will be able to get in touch with the Hare Krishna Centre.


Official Food for Life Sponsors



Food Distribution to the Homeless at Leicester's Anchor Club

Mr John Chalmers is the manager at the Anchor Club. We are very grateful to Mr Chalmers for giving us the opportunity to distribute Krishna prasadam at the Centre. Mr Chalmers is the real driving force behind the project.

Three Articles in the Leicester Mercury cover the opening of the Hare Krishna Centre and the 'Food for Life' programme:

  New Centre Opens

  Centre Gives out Food to Needy

  Food for Homeless


Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Prasadam Distribution
rasadam distribution at the Anchor Club in Leicester, Dover Street.

Our Food for Life team with the Anchor Club staff and some of the happy recipient of the sanctified food.

Hare Krishna Centre volunteers distribute hot and delicious Krishna prasadam
to the grateful homeless and needy in Leicester.

The Anchor Club staff is very happy and thanks the devotees for their kind efforts and the homeless eagerly take part in the Lord's mercy in the form of hot and delicious foodstuff.



Bhakta Jimmy, our Food for Life cook together with Kenny from the Anchor Club. Kenny is a enthusiastic Gouranga fan who eagerly greets the devotees with shouts of 'Gouranga' and 'Hare Krishna'.

Prasadam distribution at the Club is going on since 2003 and the staff of the Club as well as the regulars who come for hot Krishna prasadam have learned to chant 'Gouranga' and 'Hare Krishna'.

All are grateful for sure and some said it is their first hot meal in the day.

Sometimes the devotees do some chanting of Hare Krishna, which is very much appreciated by those who frequent the Anchor Club. Many join us in the chanting.

Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Prasadam Distribution


Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Prasadam Distribution



Diane, Nandini Radha and Bhakta Jimmy. Diane loves Krishna prasadam. Jimmy's hot vegetable pasta is one of the favourites at the Centre. People come for a second and even a third helping. There is hardly any left over in the plates of those who take to this delicious Krishna prasadam.



Nandini Radha serves the hungry visitors at the Centre who are gratefully accepting Krishna in the form of sanctified foodstuff by calling out 'Gouranga' or 'Hare Krishna'. Those who are not familiar with either generally say 'God bless you'. Actually it is them who are really blessed.

Bhakta Jimmy makes sure there are always enough plates and spoons available for the hungry and needy who come to the Centre.

Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Prasadam Distribution


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