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Accommodation for Life Members

We are unfortunately unable to offer accommodation for Life Members at present. We have only a small Centre in Leicester.

Please get in touch with Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Headquarters of the Hare Krishna Movement (ISKCON) in the UK. The Manor is situated in Watford, North London. It can be reached by e-mail at:


Regarding accommodation please use the following e-mail address:

Accommodation.Requests@pamho.net or phone 01923 851 000 (Reception)

Alternatively visit Bhaktivedanta Manor's website for further information:


The Manor is not more than 1 hour away from Heathrow airport. Leicester is 1:30 hours away from the Manor.

You are most welcome to attend our programmes and be our guest of honour. Please see our Notice Board for the programme schedule. We pride ourselves to provide a very personal and friendly atmosphere and make great efforts to look after your needs and comforts.


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