Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation


Many of the devotees present where so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of Sri Sri Nitai Saci-Sundar that they wanted to take photos in order to share them with their family members and friends. They felt sad that others were not as fortunate to witness the actual appearance of Their Lordships.

One of the devotees remarked "it was the best day I ever had in my life". Others felt fortunate to be present and taste the transcendental experience. Again others said they felt touched by the sheer beauty of Their Lordships and that they could hardly take their eyes off Their forms.

However, everyone agreed that the abhisheka deeply inspired them as honey and yoghurt covered the divine forms of Their Lords.

Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation


Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation


It is tradition to offer at least 108 different bhoga preparations to Their Lordships for Their first appearance. Devotees from all quarters came forward to cook for the deities on Their first appearance. On the final count there were at least 150 different bhoga preparations ready to be offered. In fact much of the temple room was covered with the offerings of love made by devotees from Leicester and other parts of the country.

These offerings of love and devotion were thankfully accepted by Their Lordships, who reciprocated by giving Their blessings.


The gorgeous Gaura arati was one of the highlights of the celebration. The temple room was packed with eager devotees to see Their Lordships in Their new outfit. Many had to stand in the doorway and next door room. The atmosphere was spiritually surcharged with the chanting of the Holy Name and with the loud callings of 'GOURANGA!' Everyone was immersed in feelings of spiritual ecstasy. Lord Gouranga and Nityananda Prabhu have finally appeared in Leicester. Some remarked that it felt just like if it was Gaura Purnima.

Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation


Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation

uri Maharaja sings and reads the translation of 'nitai pada-kamala', a beautiful song by Srila Narottama dasa Thakura.

"The lotus feet of Lord Nityananda are a shelter where one will get the soothing moonlight not only of one, but of millions of moons.

"If the world wants to have real peace, it should take shelter of Lord Nityananda. Unless one takes shelter under the shade of the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda, it will be very difficult for him to approach Radha-Krsna. If one actually wants to enter into the dancing party of Radha-Krsna, he must firmly catch hold of the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda."


Devotees, friends and supporters of the Hare Krishna Centre got together and prepared over 150 bhoga preparations for Their Lordships. This is a shining example of dedicated service with love and devotion.

Krishna does not ask very much, 'patram puspam phalam toyam', a leaf, a flower, fruit or water offered with love and devotion; Krishna will accept it. What to speak of all those delicious preparations which were prepared by so many faithful devotees of the Lord.

Others took charge of preparing the entire feast with rice, dhal, subjis etc. Everyone was inspired to do something for Their Lordships. There was no shortage of love and devotion anywhere and those somewhat still hesitant were quickly drawn into the deep mood of unmotivated devotional service to Sri Sri Nitai Saci-Sundar.

Hare Krishna Centre Leicester - Deity Installation


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