inaketanarama Prabhu has officially opened his Bristol Centre last Sunday. I was fortunate to be there for the opening.

The building is in a superb location being just at the end of Bristol's main pedestrian area. It has therefore so much potential. We had a good turnout of devotees and congregation. It was 'World Holy Name Day', a very appropriate time for opening and inaugurating the centre. The future will show the real significance of this. I was especially delighted to meet Dhirasanta Prabhu amongst the invites. It was great to see him again after a very long time. We are looking forward to visiting him at Tolcarne Angam next weekend.

The programme was simple and effective, namely kirtan, kirtan and more kirtan. It was ecstatic. After a good warm-up devotees decided to go on Harinam throughout Bristol. I never knew Bristol was such a beautiful city with so much potential to receive Lord Caitanya's mercy. Devotees were greeted and appreciated wherever they went. The Harinam took us along the modern harbour front with its many restaurants, bars and cafés. I can only imagine how packed this tourist spot is on a Saturday afternoon. It has so much potential. Minaketanarama Prabhu had wisely arranged many leaflets for the Harinam, which were all distributed by our enthusiastic younger generation.

Minaketanarama and Gandharvika mataji did a really great job in getting everything ready for the opening. It was not easy and the plumber left only days before the opening. However, the toilet, shower and hand basin were all nicely installed. After the Harinam there was prasadam. It was super delicious, rice, subji, dhal, puris, cake and a superbly delicious dark coloured halavah topped up with creamy srikant. It was this kind of halavah which Krishna used to feed to his cowherd friends with His own hand.

The highlight of the evening was Sakhyarasa Prabhu with his electronic keyboard band. He did some magic with this instrument by producing all sorts of beats and rhythms to the delight of the devotees who chanted and danced to a variety of melodies and tunes. The evening ended with devotees slowly making their way back to their respective homes to ready themselves for another working day full of memories and inspiration from the opening of the Centre.

Minaketanarama Prabhu told us that the Harinam was actually the first Harinam since 1996. I felt really privileged to be part of such an historic moment in the Bristol sankirtan lila of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Gandharvika mataji served some exotic teas to those diehards who stayed till the very end of the evening. Honey tea was the secret blend I decided on and I had no regrets.

Above is a slide show with some photos which I took during the opening and while on Harinam. I hope you will like them and that it will give those who were not able to attend this transcendental event an idea of the ecstatic gathering at opening of the Bristol Centre.

Bristol Yatra Ki Jaya! Minaketanarama and Gandharvika Prabhus Ki Jaya! Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu Ki Jaya!


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